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FANHAO Heavy Duty Garden 3 Pieces Tool Set

FANHAO Heavy Duty Garden 3 Pieces Tool Set

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Enjoy your gardening with the right tool set!

This is not only an essential garden tool set, but also fashionable gardening hand tools to give you pleasure gardening experience. Just begin your gardening hobbies to grow vegetables, plants, flowers, spices and whatever you like.


Transplanting Trowel

The transplanting trowel has depth measurement for quick reference, making it easy to transplant small plants and flowers.

Hand Trowel

A hand trowel is suitable for all small digging jobs when planting, taking up plants, turning up the earth, and more.

Hand Rake

This cultivator hand rake with unique three-prong design is perfect for loosen soil, remove weeds and aerate the soil.

 Excellent Gardening Tools 




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