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FANHAO GardenHeavy Duty Metal Hose Sprayer

FANHAO GardenHeavy Duty Metal Hose Sprayer

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Garden Hose Nozzle 100% Heavy Duty Metal

A Durable Hose Nozzle Built to Last

Solid Metal Construction

Solid Metal Construction With Baked Enamel Finish. This nozzle not only looks polished but is robust and much more durable than plastic nozzles.

Fits All Standard Garden Hoses

Connects securely to any standard with ¾-inch fittings to deliver high-pressure spray or mist without any additional equipment.

Thumb Control

All-in-one thumb control design allows people with arthritis in hands to easily hold and use without damaging their hands.

garden hose nozzle      garden hose nozzle

Shock Resistant Bezel Dial                        Thumb Control

garden hose nozzle      garden hose nozzle

Slip Resistant Handle                      Built-in Leakproof Gasket   

Hose Nozzle

Built to last

The heavy-duty metal nozzles stand up to frequent, everyday use. FANHAO Garden Hose Nozzles are made to last season after season as you tend to your flowers and conquer cleaning projects outside.

garden hose nozzle

Meet Your Cleaning and Gardening Tasks

Whether you need the high-pressure jet to clean your patio, the useful angle to wash your car, the gentle shower to wash your dog, or the soft mist to water your garden flowers, the 8 patterns have you all covered.

hose nozzle

Thumb control flow from zero-max, fatigue-free design, meets all your flow needs and save more than 50% of the water.

Great for Multi-Functional Use

Hose Nozzles         Hose Nozzles

Hose Nozzles         Hose Nozzles

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