Top 10 Home Storage Tips

Top 10 Home Storage Tips

It’s hard to sort through of all the amazing home storage tips out there, and wane them down to the 10 very best. But, below you will find what many would say are 10 of the most important and essential tips for storage in your home.

1. Uncover more space: Under beds, deep into the backs of cabinets, and even the highest closet shelves are all spaces that you can and should utilize to maximize your home’s storage potential. Choose less frequently used items for these harder to access areas, but don’t discount them altogether.

2. Use clear containers: Clear storage containers like these ones make sense for storage because you can see what’s inside before you so much as reach for it. Purchase stackable bins with lids for the easiest storage.

3. Label: No matter where or what you are storing, label it! Even if you’re using clear containers, label them so you know exactly what you put in them to begin with. For some storage, use general categories such as “kitchen utensils”, while others may require a more specific list, like “accessories for TV and stereo- living room”. When it comes time to find these items later, you will be happy you took a few seconds to label your storage.

4. Choose multi-functional furniture: If you are limited on storage space in your home, then choose furniture pieces that double as storage. Using an oversized ottoman as your coffee table will provide ample space to stash extra DVDs and entertainment controls, and serve as your everyday coffee table.

5. Micro-Organize: Use smaller organizers inside drawers and cabinets to keep things tidy, and help you make better use of your storage space for more efficiency.

6. Rent a storage space: If you have a lot of stuff and there’s no getting around it, then simplify your life by renting some local storage space. You can clear a lot of your clutter without parting with it forever. And, self-storage is a surprisingly affordable option.

7. Select storage with doors: Armoires, cabinets, and the like will all help to conceal the clutter that’s hiding inside. While you should still utilize the rest of these storage tips inside the cabinet, the doors will help maintain a streamlined look in your home if you haven’t gotten to them yet.

8. Keep storage convenient: For everyday items that you will access frequently, choose storage locations that are easy to reach. For example, store your favorite cookbooks in a drawer in the kitchen island, and store the lesser used ones on the hall closet book shelf.

9. Regularly reevaluate what you are storing: If there are non-sentimental items that have not been touched in over one year, then it’s time to get rid of them. Go through closets, cabinets and drawers at least every 6 months to clear out the clutter. Have one box on hand for items to trash, and another for items you wish to donate.

10. Be inventive: On the note of multi-functional furniture- many of your everyday accessories can also be multi-functional. Consider using old coffee tins to store your child’s crayons, or an over-the door shoe organizer for cleaning supplies.

If you have some great tips that have helped you with efficient home storage, then let us know below in the comments. Do you have any great storage tips? Share them with us!

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